Crafts & Handmade Items


Wilbert “Webb” Griffith

Webb's first project in high school shop class was a wood handled screw driver. Inspired by making “something out of nothing” he’s been hooked on wood, one way or another, ever since. After buying a used 1932 table-saw, still a mainstay in his shop, making "wood happy" has been a lifelong avocation. Appalachia's diversity of native hardwoods, a sirens song to a woodworker, drew him towards Mountain City twenty five years ago, now his forever home.


Soul Shine Soap

I have a passion for all things natural and a green thumb to match. I enjoy watching things grow, including my four children and my granddaughter. I have resided in Laurel Bloomery for almost 20 years now where I  maintain various organic herb, vegetable  and flower gardens – a lot of which I  utilize in my products. I have been making soap and concocting salves, lotion and balm`s for over 20 years now and often barter with friends and neighbors, which allows for locally obtained products that I add to my soap. I collect the water used in my products from a spring that flows directly from the source – the ancient Appalachians. I take pride in my products and I create them with the planet in mind. I  reduce, reuse, and recycle in every way possible and I do my best to be a good steward. - Sharon

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Gala Crafts & Stained Glass

Joel and Gina Williams live in Zionville, NC.  Joel teaches theatre at Appalachian State and Gina is a theatre props artisan who has worked at many regional theatres including the Barter in Abingdon, where Joel first met her.  Gina creates unique stained glass items that incorporate "found" and repurposed items that she finds during her shopping trips for props.  Gina also designs and creates commissioned pieces.  “Gina creates and Joel is in charge of sales.” say the Williams’s.


Sugar Creek Farm

Our farm is currently home to a herd of Dexter cattle, a mix of rescue and draft horses, chickens, goats and soon to be sheep.  I love trying new things and am always exploring ways to keep our farm sustainable. I have started a home based soap and lotion business to take advantage of all the wonderful goat milk I am blessed with from my Alpine and Nubian goats


Pat Heinemann

Handmade "leaves of stone", along with knitted/crocheted baby afghans and knitted scarves of various yarns



Robin offers her homemade jams, jellies, essential oil diffuser jewelry, photo cards and other crafts with a friendly smile. You can usually find her near her daughter and son-in-law’s family business, Old Beech Mountain Farm.Give customers a reason to do business with you.


D's Alabaster Jar:

Diane Darocha’s handmade pottery, magnets, crafts, and occasional baked goodies.


Rick’s Custom Infinity Knives

Beautiful selection of handmade knives and sheaths with custom orders taken.